To meet the requirements of new national and European regulations in terms of human factor development, Pegaso srl has designed a series of training activities, services and workshops aiming at improving corporate culture. Topics range from legal to communication fields, to technical and scientific subjects. The ultimate goal is to develop a culture of health and safety on the workplace and environmental protection within the Company, making such values a priority over productive factors.

Our service is meant to offer, as well as quality content, proper tools to organize quality training for an effective learning and transmission of knowledge and skills. The activities are designed to allow both the independent management of training packages by companies and associations and the direct use of Company resources.

Technical, motivational, organizational and communication courses, both on the client premises or at our offices, rely on our experience and expertise, qualities that we  want to transmit to our clients.

Each course starts from the analysis of needs, goes through the design and organization phase, and then it is further refined after the final assessment, in a process of continuous improvement based on experience and subject evolution. 

Communication is the basis of all human interaction, knowing its dynamics means being able to move in the social scenario in which we live.


For over 20 years, our communications company has been providing strategies and solutions for corporate communication. Our services range from traditional graphics to advertising, from website design and development to the creation of multimedia products, from the organization of events to the design and construction of exhibition spaces.

Information technology

Pegaso is active in testing and developing new technologies for the management of complex information systems.

Our programmers, working in a close collaboration with technicians, engineers, biologists, physicists and chemists, have developed database management applications and specific applications for models and methods.